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Exploring Identity by Eleonora Sher // Masters dissertation

Despite the vast and increasing interest in identity across a broad spectrum of disciplines, the concept itself remains somewhat of an enigma. It proves difficult to review all the research on the subject and give a short and adequate summary of its meaning.

For this reason, this paper explores the theme of identity, through an analysis of two artist’s work, namely Chiharu Shiota and Annette Messager, how they consider identity, and how it’s explored and expressed through their art practice. The analysis has a narrowed focus on memory and gender, drawing upon some of the philosophical and psychological perspectives surrounding the concepts. Naturally, a discussion between the concepts and the relationship between their subjective and/or objective nature of them arises. The two artists were chosen for several reasons. First, they explicitly explore the concept of memory and gender; second, to raise the discussion on the subjectivity of these themes within the context of art; third, because they are female; and finally, because the choice of medium in their work inspires my own practice.

Read the full dissertation ‘Exploring Identity: Looking at the works of artists Chiharu Shiota and Annette Messager in relation to memory and gender” here: Exploring Identity, Eleonora Sher, 2018